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The Grace Charity for M.E. has been set up as a thank you to God for the miraculous healing of Catherine Ashenfelter on July 3rd 1997 after suffering from M.E. for almost twenty years.

She was assessed as over 80% disabled, endured around fifty symptoms, amongst which were burning neuropathic pain, ataxia, intermittent muscle paralysis, hypoglycaemia and frightening brain reactions of semi-consciousness triggered by simple medicines and chemicals. Catherine became a wheelchair user and was not expected to recover medically, her illness being branded as permanent by Social Security.

Her healing came completely unexpectedly after a lady offered to pray for her in the little Kentish market town of Cranbrook. The prayer was simple with no flowery theology. In a split second after the prayer, Catherine’s illness completely left, including all the fifty symptoms.

It wasn’t mind over matter, as neither Catherine nor the person who prayed, really expected much to happen. The prayer was said in the name of Jesus and we believe that He alone should get the credit for the miracle. Catherine’s G.P. (local doctor) also described the event as a healing miracle.

Although Catherine has suffered much in other ways since the healing, the M.E. has thankfully never returned.

Catherine wants to use her experience of physical M.E. torment combined with medical and social prejudice towards the disease, to now help others going through a similar experience.


John and Catherine Ashenfelter

John and Catherine Ashenfelter

David Laker

† David Laker

John Ashenfelter married Catherine in 1989. 
He was awarded a Certificate of Higher Education in Practical Theology from the University of Winchester in 2011.  For twenty years he was Head of Art at a local grammar school, and continues as a part-time teacher there.  Here is a collection of his recent paintings and mixed media work:  https://www.thegracecharityforme.org/projects/art-gallery/

A tribute to David Laker
It is with great sadness that our trustee David Laker passed away in February 2023.  David was trustee for 17 years, since the start of the charity in 2006.  His loyalty, especially with prayer for the sick, will be missed.  David took early retirement from banking in 2000 to be a full-time carer for his wife Geri who suffered from severe M.E. for over twenty years; she passed away in 2014.  In 2018, David married Monica.  Please pray for comfort for Monica and David’s sons Rob and Matt.

Your continued prayers for all our charity workers would be greatly appreciated.


A book for you to read…

Everything Beautiful in its TimeEverything Beautiful in its Time is an autobiography written by Catherine, reflecting on her story.

The book is free to download in several formats.

We also have some paperback versions available for a suggested donation of £10 (which includes post & packaging).

Please make cheques payable to The Grace Charity for M.E.  If you’d like a copy but cannot afford a donation, please do let us know and we’ll sort something out!

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Please take a look at it — it took her 14 years to write!

(Copyright law:  whilst it is fine for either all or part of this book to be downloaded, please note that no part of the book, illustrations, photos, and their captions may be changed.  If downloading, please acknowledge the author, title of book and year in which it was written.)

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