Graceprayers November 10th 2019

In Remembrance of Christ

Today is Remembrance Day when the sacrifice of soldiers in wartime is remembered. Today in Graceprayers we will remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and His command to remember Him in the breaking of bread, which is now known as the Lord’s Supper, the Eucharist or Holy Communion. It is also part of the Catholic Mass. In fact remembering Christ through the breaking of the bread is the only tradition that Jesus commanded, not even to remember Him via Christmas, Easter or going to church every Sunday! (Not that these things are wrong, of course.) Remembering Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross was done in an informal setting at first: the Last Supper was upstairs in somebody’s house; again, after his resurrection, Jesus broke bread in someone’s home on the road to Emmaus; also, the apostles broke bread in their homes in the early chapters of Acts of the Apostles.

Open in prayer I gave my Son for you, I cried those tears of pain with him, I held him gently in my arms, I loved him back to life, For I am the One who loves, I love you all, I love you always, For I am the One who loves, In spite of all the pain Amen by Linda Crowhurst from the book Living in the Heart of Love by Greg Crowhurst,


God forgave my sin (Freely, freely you have received)

Scripture reading  John 3 vv16-21 For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son…


Prayer for those who persecute M.E. sufferers  If you feel able to, please pray for people in the medical profession, government and individual people known to you who are negatively affecting M.E. sufferers. There are many ways to pray for them: one way might be to hold a cross in your hand and say specific names or just to generalise.

Recent prayer requests  Our charity will now pray for several M.E. sufferers who have contacted us in the last month, often globally. We add Keren and Rowan to our prayers: for energy to deal with moving and a decent place to move into – somewhere flat and accessible, ideally an adapted bungalow. Keren has severe M.E.; please pray for her healing. Likewise, please pray for Sharon
 who would also like a detached, adapted bungalow in a non-polluted area; that her neighbours are quieter and that she gets a good PA and personal care. Also, please pray that she is protected from going to hospital and ultimately that Sharon and Keren are healed from M.E.

Please also continue to pray for Linda and Greg, that jets would stop their flying practice over their home. This has eased a bit but is still happening. They are also enduring other environmental noise. Linda is ultra noise sensitive from the M.E. Please pray that the Lord will heal her from this distressing symptom; also from severe chemical sensitivity, paralysis and disabling catarrhal problems.  Thank you.

 We pray for Jacqui, asking God for a positive breakthrough for her this year, including her symptoms of POTS and general severe pain. She has had long-term severe M.E. Please pray that a good quiet neighbour moves in above her and for peace, strength and healing in Jacqui’s life.

Hymn   Broken for me, broken for you

Scripture reading Luke 22 vv14-23 The first communion given by Jesus whilst celebrating the Passover

Persistent prayers    This is when we pray for a number of M.E. sufferers on an ongoing basis who seem to need a deeper level of persistent prayer for the circumstances in their lives.

Prayer for M.E. researchers and doctors Please pray for all M.E. researchers and doctors who bravely work towards the truth of biomedical M.E.: for their safety, protection and continuing of their valuable work without hindrance. Please also pray that the World Health Organisation’s entry of M.E. is kept as neurological and not transferred to mental health in the forthcoming reprint (due this year.)

Pray for the revision of the NICE guideline for CFS/ME, due to be published in 2020. Pray that Graded Exercise and CBT are no longer recommended and that helpful biomedical treatments are offered. Also, that the selected panel is not prejudiced towards psychiatric/psychological treatments.

Scripture reading Acts 2 vv.42-47 The first disciples celebrate communion known as the breaking of bread in their own homes

Prayer for each other and anyone else who comes to mind   Please pray for the trustees of the Grace Charity for M.E. : for David and Monica; also for John ‘s health especially wisdom for decisions regarding his heart  and for Catherine’s colitis which has gone on for 14 years now.  We give thanks for God’s strength through it all. Please continue to pray that the press will report her mother’s case for the benefit of the vulnerable  Please also pray for quiet neighbours around us. Thank you. Please pray that John sells more art work which he is fundraising for the Grace Charity for M.E.

Hymn And can it be   chorus: Amazing love! How can it be that Thou my God shouldst die for me!

Blessing        The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you,  the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.  (Numbers 6 v.24-26)