We are in need of more people to pray for M.E. sufferers, especially as our trustee David Laker has passed away.  David did much of the praying.  Please contact us if you’d like to pray.


Are you an M.E. sufferer who would like prayer?

If so, please contact us at  We would like to know how long you’ve had M.E. for and what specifically you’d like prayer for e.g. pain relief, better mobility etc. We will then pray for you at the next Grace Prayers (below) which takes place each month. If your prayer request is an emergency, let us know this so we can get others to pray for you as soon as possible.

Please let us know how you are after we’ve prayed for you. 

For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them.  – Matthew 18:20  NIV


 Praying for others

If you would like to pray for M.E. sufferers, contact us at and we will send you one or two names of sufferers who want prayer. If you like, we can send out prayer cards to you with names of sufferers on.

Privacy assurance: The Grace Charity for M.E. will only use email and postal addresses for the purpose of the prayer cards and these details will not be given out for any other reason.


Holyway by Greg and Linda Crowhurst is a creative site full of prayers and spiritual writings. Linda has profoundly severe M.E. and Greg is her husband and carer. Linda has a blog at  Holy Way (  Linda and Greg have kindly allowed a recent book to be downloaded for free: Prayers For Healing, Hope and Miracles ( 


Karen (updated January 2024) 

Please keep a lady called Karen in your prayers.  She is home after a lengthy hospital stay. Her particular needs are for specialist carers, her catheter to stop blocking, and the great need to put on weight again because a drug which previously helped has been stopped. Karen also requests prayer that she would not get an infection or blockage in her PICC line which is a tube going straight to her heart. Karen has had severe M.E. for many years and also has Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. She has weakened since catching Covid. 

Please pray for Karen’s family as they have their own health struggles.  



Please pray for Juliet who has extreme Electro Sensitivity. Recently, a new 5G transmitter has been installed near her door causing her agony. She needs somewhere safe, warm and free of wifi. Juliet needs to avoid all wifi, 4G & 5G, including smartphones.  Please pray for her healing and more permanent, satisfactory accommodation. Thank you.



Please pray for Janet, for healing of her pain, relief of isolation and loneliness. Also, for better, more understanding carers. Thank you. 


Future Graceprayers: Sunday June 16th 2024; Sunday July 14th 2024

Grace Prayers is a monthly service, where we invite others to join in from afar.  We thank you for your prayers on behalf of ourselves, and for the sufferers and carers who contact us. We tend to start at 3pm. 


Graceprayers June 16th  2024

God as our Father

Today June 16th is celebrated as Father’s Day. Jesus revolutionised our relationship with our heavenly father by being intimate, calling Him Abba, which is the Aramaic word for Daddy. He saw God as caring about our every need no matter how trivial, and being a faithful provider.


Opening prayer Our Father in heaven (Known as the Lord’s Prayer, see Matthew 6 v. 9-13)



Father Hear the prayer we offer Father, hear the prayer we offer ( Church Online, Kilmarnock


Scripture readings 2 Timothy 2 v.1-13   God is faithful when others are faithless

Matthew 7 v.7-12 God providing for our needs


Emergency prayer requests Please pray for Caroline who has relapsed badly and is bedridden; also for Caroline’s husband and young son. Please pray for Linda who may need an operation under general anaesthetic. Please pray for God’s positive intervention in her and Greg’s lives and wisdom and guidance with decisions.

We also pray for teenager Millie, sectioned in a hospital in Lancaster. Please pray that she goes home soon with the correct feeding tube and that her Mum is allowed to see her. Please sign the family’s petition:


Recent prayer requests Our charity will now pray for several M.E. sufferers who have contacted us in the last month, often globally.  Please continue to pray healing for Christine and her family, Keren and her husband Rowan. Also for Sharon that she’s not sectioned and doesn’t go to hospital; that she has better access to communicate with her GP surgery and a better GP; that her neighbours are quieter and that she gets a PA along with housing support and personal care. 

Please continue to pray for Linda and Greg: for quiet neighbours and that jets cease flying over their home. Linda has extreme noise sensitivity which triggers paralysis.  Please pray that the Lord will heal Linda from the noise sensitivity, severe chemical sensitivity, paralysis, migraines and disabling catarrhal problems. Also, a serious skin issue.

We continue to pray for Jacqui, asking that she knows God’s love and care. Please pray for healing of her symptoms of POTS and severe pain, from both M.E. and other abdominal pain. Please pray for quiet neighbours in the flats where she lives. Please also pray for peace, strength and healing in Jacqui’s life; a quiet place to live and good carers and GP for her. Please also pray for Sue, a severe M.E. sufferer, who has been badly treated by her local council. She is afraid of eviction so please pray she stays where she is and is protected from harm. Thank you.


Hymn Abba Father let me be   ABBA, FATHER, let me be Yours and Yours alone ( KRASIMIR LYUBENOV WITH LAURA BIOCH –


Scripture reading John 17 v.20 -26 Jesus’s lengthy prayer to God the Father, praying that his followers are united.


Persistent prayers This is when we pray for a number of M.E. sufferers on an ongoing basis who need a deeper level of persistent prayer for the circumstances in their lives. 


Prayer for M.E. researchers, doctors and M.E. politics Please pray for all M.E. researchers and doctors who bravely work towards the truth of M.E.: for their safety, protection and continuing of their valuable work without hindrance. Please especially pray for Dr. Sarah Myhill and the unkind media reports; also, that she can expose the prejudice of the GMC towards her. Give thanks that the World Health Organisation’s entry of M.E. is still being kept as neurological. Please pray that fibromyalgia is better classified by the WHO.  Also, pray for those who persecute M.E. sufferers, that they would come to accept the truth. Please sign the petition to change the book Kumar and Clark’s Clinical Medicine, which has unkind and unscientific teaching about ME/CFS:


Prayer for each other and anyone else who comes to mind   John has been diagnosed with prostate cancer; please pray for a planned procedure sometime this year; also for Catherine’s colitis which has gone on for 19 years now.  We give thanks for God’s strength through it all. We also give thanks that the charity has met its bank’s requirements for operating; former unnecessary threats to freeze its account have passed. It was due to ‘new regulations’. Thank you to those who prayed about this. Please continue to pray for peaceful neighbours around us.

Thank you.  We give thanks that John has a couple of art exhibitions. Please pray he sells more art work, the proceeds of which go to the Grace Charity for M.E.


Hymn Dear Lord and Father of mankind Dear Lord and father of mankind hymn lyrics ( St Laurence’s Church, Chorley


Blessing Now may our God and Father himself, and our Lord Jesus, direct our way to you and may the Lord make you increase and abound in love for one another and for all, as we do for you, so that he may establish your hearts blameless in holiness before our God and Father, at the coming of our Lord Jesus with all his saints. 1 Thessalonians 3 v. 11 -13



 [Scripture quotations are from the Holy Bible, English Standard Version, published by Harper Collins publishers copyright 2001 by Crossways Bible, a division of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved.]

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