Praying Hands              This prayer page serves a double purpose.
  • Firstly, are you an M.E. sufferer?
    Would you like to receive prayer? 

  • Secondly, would you like to pray for someone who has M.E?
    (You can do this if you do or don’t have M.E.)

Receiving Prayer

If you are an M.E. sufferer and would like to receive prayer, please contact us at  We would like to know how long you’ve had M.E. for and what specifically you’d like prayer for (e.g. pain relief, better mobility etc).  We will then pray for you at our next Grace Charity prayer meeting; we aim to have meetings monthly.  For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.  Matthew 18:20  NIV translation 

If your prayer request is an emergency, let us know this so we can get others to pray for you as soon as possible.

Please let us know how you are after we've prayed for you.  Currently, we can only offer a one-off prayer for new contacts, as we are overwhelmed with prayer requests.  However, if you feel you could do with more one-off prayers, then do contact us again!

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever!  Amen.  Ephesians 3:20-21  NIV translation

Praying for others

PrayerIf you would like to pray for M.E. sufferers, contact us at and we will send you one or two names of sufferers who want prayer.  Include your postal address for this as we like to send out prayer cards.

 Please keep Karina Hansen (Denmark)  in your prayers, as she has been sectioned and forced to undergo inappropriate treatment for M.E.  Please pray for her release and safe return home.  We are thrilled to learn that Mirjam Knapp (Germany) has been released, and is happily returned home!

                                   Privacy assurance: The Grace Charity for M.E. will only use email and postal addresses for the purpose of the prayer cards and these details will not be given out for any other reason.


  Once per month we pray for M.E. sufferers and their carers.  This is known as Grace Prayers.  Please join in from afar for this service.  All Grace Prayers are on a Sunday at 3pm.  Future services will continue in 2016 on 17 Jan, 14 Feb, 13 March.
FEBRUARY 14TH 2016 – St. Valentine’s Day
In C.S. Lewis’ book ‘the Four Loves’, he describes the different kinds of love which exist: affection, friendship, eros and charity. Charity comes from the Greek word AGAPE ; some of us are used to hearing the phrase ‘agape-love’. On this Valentine’s Day, let us remember that whilst it’s good to experience the human loves of affection, friendship and eros, the ‘highest’ love is definitely the divine love of charity/agape. This is the kind when you love the unlovable, the difficult, the ugly, the annoying people in our lives. Only God can help us have this kind of love. Of course, it’s the love He demonstrated for the world by dying for us on the cross.
Open in prayer:
                                                Oh Heart of Love, pour out Your grace upon us
                                                Oh Heart of Love, bless our live
                                                Oh Heart of Love, teach us the Word of God
                                                Oh Heart of Love, fill us with compassion
                                                Oh Heart of Love, release our tears
                                                Oh Heart of Love, help us to bear our burdens lightly
                                                Oh Heart of Love, lead us to mercy
                                                Oh Heart of Love, feed us with the perfect bread of Heaven
                                                Oh Heart of Love, bring us to life
                                                Oh Heart of Love, help us to give glory to God for evermore
                                                Oh Heart of Love, guide us in prayer
                                                Oh Heart of Love, surround us with your love. Amen
 (Linda Crowhurst, Unstoppable Spirit 2013, Stonebird)
Hymn  God is love (perhaps some don’t know this hymn)
Chorus  Sing aloud, loud, loud! (Repeat) God is good! God is truth! God is beauty! Praise Him!
Recent prayer requests 
GIVE THANKS THAT MIRIAM KNAPP IN GERMANY HAS BEEN RELEASED FROM BEING SECTIONED AND IS NOW HOME! Please pray for her and her family as they adjust to any trauma they probably experienced.
Our charity will now pray for several M.E. sufferers who have contacted us in the last month, often globally. Please pray for an M.E. sufferer you know.
Reading John 3 v 16 – 21 (For God so loved the world...)
Prayer for M.E. researchers and doctors Please pray for all M.E. researchers and doctors who bravely work towards the truth of biomedical M.E.: for their safety, protection and continuing of their valuable work without hindrance. Please pray for Dr. Nigel Speight who has been involved in trying to secure Karina Hansen’s release and that of Mirjam Knapp’s.
Dr. Speight has recently been reported to the General Medical Council for seemingly false allegations. This is surely yet another attempt by the psychiatric lobby to stop the good M.E. doctors.
Please also pray for the protection of good doctors speaking out against the current End Of Life approach to hospital patients, which can cause unnecessary torture and intention to kill off patients (mainly the elderly).
Hymn Make me a channel of your peace
Reading 1 Cor. 13 v.1-13
Persistent prayers This is when we pray for a number of M.E. sufferers on an ongoing basis who seem to need a deeper level of persistent prayer for the circumstances in their lives.
Please pray for Linda and Greg in England, that jets would stop their flying practice over their home. Linda is ultra noise sensitive from the M.E. Please pray that the Lord will heal her from this distressing symptom. Thank you.
Prayer for each other and anyone else who comes to mind Please also pray for the trustees of the Grace Charity for M.E., especially for David Laker who lost his beloved wife Geri almost two years ago. It is Geri’s birthday today, on Valentine’s Day. Also for John ‘s health and for Catherine’s colitis which has gone on for 10 years now.  Thank you. Give thanks for God’s strength through it all.
Hymn Love Divine
Blessing:    The Lord bless you and keep you
       The Lord make His face to shine upon you
And be gracious to you
The Lord lift up His countenance
Upon you and give you peace.
(Numbers 6 v.24-26)
   [Scripture quotations are from the Holy Bible, English Standard Version, published by Harper Collins publishers copyright 2001 by Crossways Bible, a division of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved.]